Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

We’re a top-rated humanitarian organization focused on ending generational poverty through a proven approach. Over the past 80 years, we’ve developed a high-impact methodology that empowers children and youth to break free from poverty. With your support, children receive access to health care, educational resources and life-changing programs in safe, clean spaces.


What We Do


— We Find & Fund

When you sponsor a child, you change their future, helping them see beyond the daily struggles of poverty. 


— We Build Networks

Your sponsorship encompasses health, social and educational programs and resources, designed to address the specific issues each child faces in their community.


— We Strengthen

Children in poverty often lack access to spaces like playgrounds or recreation centers. They’re also more likely to be exposed to the dangers of violence, gangs and drugs at an early age. 


— We Educate

Children in poverty are more likely to be exposed to the stress of violence, gangs and drugs.


— We Provide Care

When you sponsor a child, you create a powerful multiplier effect. You help them see beyond the daily struggles of life in poverty.


— We Consult

Sponsorship encompasses key programs specifically designed to address children’s toughest issues in their fight against poverty.

Impact Stories

Jane’s Been A Migrant Worker Since She Was Just 12

Now 6 years old, she’s been enrolled in the CI sponsorship program.The girl I see now is far from the person I met when we visited years ago.

A Brighter Future — For Cambodia’s Children

Thanks to a generous donor, however, the family has been relocated to a place all their own, also in the Bicol region.